In  the city of Kabbalah you will find the most extraordinary Jewish art work ever!

One of the most amazing discoveries is an Israeli artist from tzfat, named Moshe Dadon.

Mr.Dadon has perfected the ancient art of Micro-calligraphy over the past 45 years.

Within his artistic Representatios of staories from the Bible, is the actual text of the Bible!

If you look closely at Mr. Dadon`s creations you will discover the Biblical text that has been painstakingly woven throughout the work art."

"Eva Gallery" was established in 1968 by Moshe & Eva Dadon."


   "Eva-Gallery" - Microcalligraphy by Moshe Dadon.
    5 Beit yosef St
    Safed Israel 13200
                                                             Tel/Fax: +972-4-6921821

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